Florida Cop Illegally Tries To Sway Voters Against Medical Marijuana


When it comes to opposing cannabis reform efforts, law enforcement almost always helps lead the way. I'm not saying that every cop tries to squash cannabis reform efforts, as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is one of the top reform groups in the nation, but if there is a group opposing cannabis reform politics, law enforcement is almost always a member of that group. That is the case right now in Florida, where a cop sent a mass e-mail to voters urging them to vote no on Florida's medical cannabis initiative. Per High Times:

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According to reports, Commander Tom Carney recently sent out a press release called the "Truth About Medical Marijuana," which apparently contained a plethora of pot propaganda aimed at persuading voters across the city to vote against a measure to legalize medicinal cannabis in the Sunshine State.

Of course, it is against state law for police officers to engage in political banter while on the job, so when local officials became aware of Carney's underhanded anti-cannabis campaign, they forced him to apologize for breaking the law. However, instead of emailing a follow-up, Carney resent the contemptuous email that got him into trouble in the first place.

"From the get-go it shouldn't have been disseminated and then, when it was done wrong the first time, it didn't need to be compounded the second time," City Councilwoman Barbara Kramer said in an emailed statement to city officials. "Guess I'm not the only one who thinks the PD shouldn't be sending this out."

Cops breaking the rules to oppose cannabis reform are very common, unfortunately. The Oregon County Sheriff's Association is sponsoring an anti-cannabis summit and tour just days before voters vote oncannabis legalization in the Beaver State, a summit and tour that has accepted federal tax dollars to interfere with a local election. An Oregon police chief was punished for violating campaign laws in 2010 when he illegally campaigned against a medical cannabis dispensary initiative while on the job. Unfortunately, violating the spirit, if not the letter, of the law seems to be very common for prohibitionists. Fortunately, a growing majority of voters is finally seeing thru the Reefer Madness fog.

Source: International Cannabis Business Conference