March 28, 2016

Florida Governor Scott’s Marijuana Mistake

March 28, 2016
united for care florida medical marijuana

united for care florida medical marijuanaI received the following message from the Florida campaign:

On Saturday, Governor Scott signed a bill making medical marijuana legal for people who can prove they’re dying within 12 months.

The law is a total mistake, and here’s why:

By passing this illogical, limited bill which does nothing for the vast majority of patients (whether they are dying or not), Scott and his cronies in the legislature will try to say they’ve already passed medical marijuana and therefore we don’t need Amendment 2.

They probably think this law gets them off the hook and/or will distract the public into thinking the job’s done.

They’re wrong. While they’ve acknowledged that marijuana is medicine, the new law does nothing for people who are fighting to stay alive, who need marijuana to help inspire hunger and alleviate pain, or alleviate life threatening (but not necessarily fatal) seizures. The new law denies medical marijuana to soldiers with PTSD and to those with MS.

Amendment 2 gives access to those who are seriously debilitated, whether or not they are dying within an arbitrary period of time.

We MUST pass Amendment 2 for those patients and more. Please support our efforts and our drive for 1000 new donations between now and April 30.  We only have 755 to go!

Click here to support our 1000 donor drive with a contribution of any size.
Thank you for everything you’re doing to support medical marijuana in Florida.

– Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care


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