September 22, 2015

Florida Medical Marijuana Campaign Continues To Make Solid Progress

September 22, 2015
Florida medical marijuana

Florida medical marijuanaA campaign alert that I received out of Florida:

At the beginning of this campaign, I made a promise to the people of Florida that we would get medical marijuana back on the ballot, and that we would win.

I wrote the first big check of the campaign, and I’ve been writing a lot of them since, to help pay for the petition gathering effort.

Now, I’m about to ask for your help – but before I do, I want you to see how far we’ve come.

We just got past the 500,000 collected mark, which we believe means we’re halfway there. (The petitions are then sent to the various supervisors of elections where they get verified within 30 days. Over 152k have been validated to date.)

This is exciting news – and we are way ahead of where we were in 2013.  But while many of you have generously contributed and joined me in this effort, too many have not.  We need your help so we can get medical marijuana to the patients of Florida.

So I’m asking – please, contribute here and help us generate another $10,000 before October 1st.  We’ll use that money to make sure we get the rest of the petitions, and hopefully be Amendment 1 in 2016.

Thank you,

– John Morgan
United for Care

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