January 15, 2014

Florida Medical Marijuana Campaign Has Enough Signatures To Get On Ballot

January 15, 2014
Florida medical marijuana

Florida medical marijuanaToday is full of good news. Washington DC’s City Council approves marijuana decriminalization, New Hampshire’s Assembly approves marijuana legalization, and it appears that the Florida medical marijuana campaign has enough signatures to put medical marijuana on the ballot in Florida for the 2014 election. Below is a message that I received from United for Care, the people behind Florida’s medical marijuana campaign:

Dear Johnny,

I have great news:

I believe we have collected the petitions we need to get on the ballot. Over 1.1 million in all.

This could not have happened without the amazing generosity of our thousands of donors – and in particular, our Chairman, John Morgan, who donated millions to this endeavor.

Literally thousands of volunteers contributed their time, collecting petitions in the rain and heat, on their weekends and holidays.

This is an enormous achievement – but even though we still await the ruling of the state Supreme Court, we need to get right back to work. We must shift this now into campaign mode – and help educate the millions of Florida voters who will hopefully be allowed to have a choice in November.

What we need now is volunteers and contributors who can help us make our case, door to door, online, and on TV.

If you would like to sign up to be a volunteer, please click here.
If you can make a contribution to the campaign, please click here.

Again – thank you for making this historic campaign possible.


Ben Pollara
Campaign Manager
United for Care


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