April 23, 2016

Florida Medical Marijuana Opponents Plan To Spend 10 Million Fighting Reform

April 23, 2016
Florida medical marijuana

Florida medical marijuanaDuring the 2014 campaign, Florida medical marijuana opponents, led by political funder Sheldon Adelson, spent millions of dollars spreading reefer madness across the state. The 2014 initiative was defeated by just two percentage points. It sounds like opponents are planning on spending even more money this election cycle fighting medical marijuana legalization. Below is a message that I received from the Florida campaign:

We knew it was going to happen at some point. Today, it did.

Mel Sembler – Sheldon Adelson’s BFF and the leader of the “No on 2” campaign in 2014 – announced today that he plans to spend $10 million to defeat medical marijuana this fall.

I’ve got a message for Mel Sembler: BRING. IT. ON.

No amount of money and lies are going to stop us from winning this time.

We will pass Amendment 2 in November.

We will bring compassion to Florida.

We will match their lies with the truth about medical marijuana.

I need your help TODAY. Make a donation to the campaign now and send Mel Sembler and all those who would seek to stand in the way of compassion a message:



– John

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