January 22, 2014

Former NFL Player Says Marijuana Helped Him Deal With Pain

January 22, 2014
nate jackson nfl broncos marijuana
nate jackson nfl broncos marijuana
(via newyorker.com)

Former Denver Broncos wide receiver Nate Jackson was featured in a recent HBO special, in which he talked about the benefits of using marijuana instead of opiate-based painkillers to deal with the pain he endured from playing professional football. Nate Jackson played six seasons in the NFL. Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe echoed Jackson’s view, and suggested that a lot of players in the NFL use marijuana to deal with pain.

“It’s everywhere,” Kluwe said, “In the locker room when guys used to talk about it it wasn’t about ‘I’m going to go get blazed and tear up the town’ it was like, ‘Yeah I smoked a bit and passed out on the couch because I felt like crap after practice.'”

Playing in the NFL is no joke. I have a few friends that played a handful of years in the NFL, and they have all kinds of ailments. One of my friends played for the Detroit Lyons for three years, and his knee will never be the same. He has constant pain and walks with a cane now. I’ve tried to get him to try cannabis on multiple occasions but he is hard-headed. He takes so many painkillers, I know it’s rotting out his body from the inside out.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently stated in an interview that he would be open to players using medical marijuana if it was legal in the state their team was located. There is currently a petition asking the NFL to quit punishing players for using marijuana. I urge everyone to sign the petition. I don’t think the petition alone will persuade the NFL, but it can’t hurt, and it only takes a minute to sign. Below is a clip of the HBO special talking about marijuana in the NFL:


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