July 13, 2016

Former Running Back Ricky Williams Claims NFL Drug Tested Him Over 500 Times

July 13, 2016
Ricky Williams

The AP has reported that former running back Ricky Williams spoke with Sports Illustrated in a film to be released on SI.com Wednesday, that he “might have the world record for most times drug tested.”

Williams, who won the 1998 Heisman Trophy, has been a huge advocate for medical marijuana during and after his 11-year NFL career, and received a rapid fire of suspensions during his tenure. In the film, Ricky’s wife, Kristin, explains the lax NFL testing rules, including a time when a tester left samples in their house to go get stickers for identifying them.

The film is entitled, “Ricky Williams Takes the High Road,” and addresses the prevalence of marijuana use in the NFL today, and it’s potential as a medical tool. Recently, Williams announced his plans to open the world’s first cannabis-friendly gym, which has plans to open in roughly a year.

Despite the prevalent use of cannabis in the NFL, and other NFL athletes speaking out for the benefits of medical marijuana to counter the addition to opiates, the NFL is continuing it’s staunch policy against cannabis use. It’s time for the policy to match the demands of players, coaches, owners, and fans – allow players to treat their ailments with medical marijuana.


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