Fundraising Drive Begins For Lawsuits To Save Medical Marijuana In Washington


As we previously reported, a team of renowned attorneys will soon be filing a set of lawsuits to place an injunction on, and overturn Washington State's Senate Bill 5052, a regressive medical cannabis proposal recently signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee. The new law, which goes into effect July 1st of next year, will make felons out of patients possessing currently allowable limits, will establish a patient registry and will shutdown a majority of dispensaries in the state.

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Now, in an effort to help fund the immense legal costs associated with challenging a law passed by the state, those behind the lawsuit have setup a GoFundMe page for those wanting to donate to the cause.

All funding goes directly towards the legal costs of filing and following through with 3-4 lawsuits designed to dismantle Senate Bill 5052. The attorneys behind the effort are Douglas Hiatt, Jeffrey Steinborn and Aaron Pelley, who combined have over 80 years of legal experience.

Those interested in making a donation can do so by clicking here.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com