December 7, 2015

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Should Look At Medical Cannabis Facts

December 7, 2015
georgia care project medical marijuana

georgia care project medical marijuanaI received the following press release from the Georgia C.A.R.E. Project (donate here):

Last week Georgia Governor Nathan Deal fired a warning shot across the bow of the medical cannabis ship, a warning shot to law makers that he may veto any legislation allowing for in-state cultivation of cannabis for medical use.

This week the Georgia Commission on Medical Cannabis will host its final hearing to draft a proposal and recommendation to the governor and the general assembly. Over the past two years lawmakers have heard from stakeholders concerning the regulation of cannabis. Patients, law enforcement, industry professionals, activists and doctors all have given input into the issue.

Half of the states in the nation have some form of medical legislation. Yet Gov. Deal claims, “I still don’t think we have sufficient information or ability to control something of that nature if we start production and processing here in our state.”

Georgia C.A.R.E Project hopes that Gov. Deal will wait until a recommendation is presented and considered by the general assembly before he slams the door on in-state grow. We do have the ability to control and regulate cannabis like any other product produced in Georgia.

What Gov. Deal has supported is legislation that puts patients in jeopardy, limits who can use cannabis oil, created yet another black or gray market, and facilitates the importation of questionable products.

James Bell, director of Georgia C.A.R.E. Project encourages the general assembly to consider the best legislation possible that allows for an expanded list of qualifying medical conditions, in-state cultivation and distribution, quality control measures, and allow the industry to produce enough of the medicine that’s affordable and meets the demands of patients.

“Law makers should present the best legislation that accomplishes our goals. If Gov. Deal determines he must veto the legislation, so be it. That will be his legacy”, Bell said

The medical cannabis ship is leaving the port. It’s time for Gov. Deal to get on board and do the right thing for the people of Georgia.

We need safe and legal access to a medicine that has been proven to benefit many.

Medical patients are not criminals – let’s stop treating them as criminals!


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