Georgia's Governor Needs To Support A REAL Medical Marijuana Bill

nathan deal georgia medical marijuana

(via wikipedia)

Georgia's Governor has endorsed a 'medical marijuana' bill in Georgia's Legislature. The symbolic move is great, unless you read the details of the bill. All the bill does is protect patients from being arrested in Georgia if they are caught possessing medical marijuana. The patients cannot grow the marijuana in Georgia, and they cannot purchase the marijuana in Georgia. I hate to break it to Georgia's Governor, but that is not really a medical marijuana program. Any program that requires patients to break federal interstate trafficking laws to obtain medicine is not a real medical marijuana program.

At least one parent is disappointed. Shannon Cloud's daughter suffers from seizures. Per WSBTV:

"(It's) a disappointing day for all of the families because we had high hopes this was going to be the year and Georgia was actually going to do it the right way," said Shannon Cloud.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal is acting like this is a bold, compassionate move if the bill becomes law. He acts like it is a great way to help patients, and that he supports patients. If that were true, than he would push for a real medical marijuana bill. All this bill does is protect patients who are caught within Georgia's borders from prosecution. But by the time they are in possession of medical marijuana within Georgia's borders, they have already broken federal law, putting them in a tough position. That's not compassion, and obviously doesn't help patients as much as they need.