March 6, 2016

Help Oregon Patients Keep OMMP Growers

March 6, 2016
new approach oregon marijuana legalization

new approach oregon marijuana legalizationThere are some major changes on the way in Oregon, which will result in a lot of patients losing their medical marijuana growers. There is a crowdfunding effort underway that seeks to help patients in that type of situation. Below is more information, via the crowdfunding effort’s page on GoFundMe:

I’m Sarah Duff, a medical marijuana patient advocate and all around cannabis activist. I co-own Duff Johnson Consulting which specializes in cannabis law compliance and have helped match hundreds of patients to a medical marijuana grower in Oregon. I created a co op so that my grower’s medicine could be pooled and distributed according to what patients want and need.

I specialize in helping low income patients find medicine regardless of cost. Roughly 230 patients are currently receiving free medicine from a grower in my co op. Growers who have been charitably giving to patients are being asked to pay $200 per patient when the patient renews their card. Other growers are being forced to drop patients due to plant number restrictions.

Not all grows are commercial enterprises. Many people do not charge much or anything to their patients.  Some growers do not aim to make money growing, they just want to grow for themself and others out of love for people and the plant. The fee is also at a time when growers are applying for their retail producer licenses which are very expensive, especially in Portland. The application fee and clinic fees are already a huge burden for many patients and too many patients will be faced with the possibility of losing their grower unless they can help the grower pay that fee.

I will split the funds in half. Half will be split further between the growers evenly in proportion to how many patients they keep after April 1st 2016. A small portion may be donated to known charitable growers that help more patients with free medicine than just their own. The other half will fund medicine to patients who lose their grower. I hope to be able to have some money by the end of the month and then more by the end of each future month.

It has been very difficult to look low income patients in the eye and tell them that the charity their grower wants to provide is suddenly too expensive and they are among the hundreds that may lose thier grower. This was one of the better things they had going for them.

I thank you from the bottom, middle and the top of heart for considering a gift, and especially if you choose to give. You are not only my hero, but the heroes of hundreds of others.

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