April 19, 2013

Help Oregon’s Veterans And PTSD Sufferers; Contact Your State Representative Now

April 19, 2013
Veterans Urge the Trump Administration to Allow Marijuana Research

veterans ptsd marijuana oregon sb 281By Roy Kaufmann, Marijuana Policy Project

SB 281, a bill adding PTSD as a qualifying condition for the use of medical marijuana, passed the state Senate with a 19-11 bipartisan vote! Now, the bill heads to the Oregon House of Representatives.

Contact your representative now to ask him or her to support SB 281.

SB 281 is an important bill that adds another tool in treating traumatic stress not just for veterans but for first responders and victims of domestic violence alike.

Numerous studies have found that marijuana can be an effective treatment for severe PTSD symptoms — a condition suffered by 20 percent of soldiers returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan, according to 2008 RAND Corporation study.

We have an opportunity to make a long-needed change in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. Help pass SB 281 out of the House by taking these three simple steps now: 

1) Contact your representative to ask him or her to support SB 281.

2) Forward this email to your friends and family.

3) Join us on Facebook and Twitter, and help us spread the word.

Thank you for helping bring relief and compassion to the treatment of PTSD in Oregon.

Source: Marijuana Policy Project - make a donation


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