How Many Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are There In Detroit?


Michigan's medical marijuana industry lacks regulations. However, that hasn't stopped a growing number of people from opening up a medical marijuana dispensary there, especially in Detroit. Washington's medical marijuana dispensaries operate in a similar gray area, as did Oregon for a number of years. Due to the lack of regulations, medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington have come under a lot of scrutiny and attacks by officials. Compare that to Oregon, which passed medical marijuana dispensary regulations a couple of years ago, where there have been far less issues.

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Due to the lack of regulations, medical marijuana dispensaries will always be a target like they are in Washington. But that doesn't seem to deter people from opening a dispensary, especially in Detroit where the number of dispensaries has been growing steadily. Per CBS Local:

"This is the next big thing in the city of Detroit," said Councilman James Tate. "It's quiet for folks who are not really paying attention, but everyday it seems like another business is opening up."

Tate told WWJ's Charlie Langton the number of medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits is "staggering."

"The estimate is 180 medical marijuana dispensaries within the city of Detroit," he said. "I've counted 13 in District One myself. We see some locations, certainly along 8 Mile and other border streets, where you have four, five, six kind of clustered together."

Medical marijuana dispensaries are not going away in Detroit, or the rest of Michigan. The State of Michigan needs to realize this. So rather than act like they don't exist, or selectively enforcing laws against them, Michigan's Legislature needs to step up and put a real plan in place. Everyday that goes by that they don't the State of Michigan loses out on tax revenue and licensing fees. The dispensaries are going to exist regardless of what the Michigan Legislature does, so why not regulate them? Last time I checked the State of Michigan, and especially Detroit, need every dollar they can get.