December 8, 2014

How Many Medical Marijuana Patients Are There In Arizona?

December 8, 2014
arizona marijuana

arizona marijuanaI was recently asked by a reader ‘how many medical marijuana patients are there in Arizona?’ The question came up in an e-mail exchange that involved Arizona’s chances of legalizing marijuana in 2016, which by the way I think the chances are very strong. The State of Arizona releases an annual statistical report about its medical marijuana program, will on being issued very recently that included the number of patients. Per Main Street:

The report reveals that during the state’s fiscal year, July 2013 to June 2014, there were a total of 52,374 active cardholders. This included 51,783 qualifying patients and 591 caregivers. 904 dispensary agent cards were issued.

Women comprised approximately 32% of the total qualifying patients and 33% of the total caregivers. Some 4% of patients and 62% of caregivers were authorized to cultivate pot. Men were 72% of the users, and women were 31%. The highest age demographic among men was between the ages of 18 and 30. They represented 32% of all male users, numbering about 9,500. Among women, the largest age demographic was between 51 and 60, numbering about 4,303.

I’m sure marijuana opponents will look at these stats and point out the high number of younger people that are in the program. I would point out to these opponents that younger people are more likely to be open minded about using medical marijuana, and their minds aren’t as saturated with reefer madness compared to some members of older generations. Marijuana is medicine, and is far safer than pharmaceutical drugs, whether opponents want to admit it or not.


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