September 4, 2011

How Much Should It Cost To Be A Medical Marijuana Patient

September 4, 2011
The Doctor Is In

It’s that magical time of year again when I get to renew my medical marijuana card here in Oregon. I go through the Mother’s Against Misuse and Abuse (MAMAS) Clinic in Portland, which is a trek from where I’m at, but it’s well worth it. Their office has been in operation for a long, long time, and their staff is fantastic. I have looked into clinic’s closer to home, but I’ve heard bad reviews. A lot of clinics are only out for profit, and treat you like a number. MAMAS is fantastic, and it’s a annual tradition that I look forward to.

The cost for me here in Oregon is $175 to the clinic, and $100 to the state. You can get a discount from the state if you are on living assistance, however, I am not. That’s $275 out of my pocket annually, plus my yearly doctor visit. I am fortunate enough to have healthcare, so my co-pay is very low, but it was around $120 when I didn’t have insurance. I’m curious what other states pay for their cards/215’s/etc. When I was in Southern California, there was a mobile clinic out of an RV that was charging $50 for 215 paperwork, and you could start medicating on the spot. Contrast that to Oregon where you have the two step process that I mentioned above.

An obvious reason for the disparity between the two states is the simple law of supply and demand. Throughout California, there are an abundance of compassionate doctors that will sign your paperwork. Here in Oregon, there just simply aren’t as many doctors. And certainly no killer mobile RV’s signing people up at festivals, not in my area of Oregon anyway. As time is going by, it’s getting cheaper and more accessible. I remember when you could ONLY go to a few cities in all of Oregon, and it cost over 200.

So I ask you, TWB readers, what does mmj paperwork cost in your area? What do you think is a fair price? I look forward to the comments.


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