April 30, 2016

Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory Board To Consider Adding More Qualifying Conditions, Again

April 30, 2016
illinois marijuana
illinois marijuana
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Illinois has tried multiple times to add more qualifying conditions to the Illinois medical marijuana program. Twice the Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory Board has approved adding new conditions to the list, and both times the recommendation from the Board was shut down by the Governor of Illinois. The Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory Board is taking up the issue for a third time, and hopefully the third time is the charm. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The state’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board will meet Monday on whether to add 15 new conditions to the current list of 39 approved conditions, according to the Associated Press.

The proposed conditions include: chronic pain, migraines, post-traumatic stress disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, Lyme disease, osteoarthritis, autism, chronic low-level depression, and diabetes.

It would be unfortunate to see these conditions approved again, just to see them shot down, many for the third time. Treatment for patients should be determined by doctors, and not by politicians. Illinois patients deserve to have safe access to medicine. In addition to adding more conditions to the program, Illinois also needs to allow for home cultivation. Suffering patients need it.


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