July 27, 2012

Initiative For Safe Access Will appear On The November Ballot In Solana Beach

July 27, 2012
vote for marijuana

vote for marijuanaCitizens for Patient Rights is proud to announce that our initiative to allow and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries will appear on the November ballot in the City of Solana Beach. On Wednesday, July 25th, the Solana Beach City Council voted unanimously to put the initiative proposal to a vote of the people.

“This is a great development for the patients and caregivers of Solana Beach, and for the over 1,800 Solana Beach residents who voiced their desire to have a vote for safe access on the November ballot by signing the initiative petition,” stated James Schmachtenberger, of the Patient Care Association, which has supported the signature gathering effort.

“We applaud the Solana Beach City Council for listening to the voice of their constituents and allowing the democratic process to move forward,” states Cynara Velazquez, campaign consultant for Citizens for Patient Rights.”

The initiative proposal would allow for not-for-profit medical marijuana dispensaries in the municipality of Solana Beach, providing they are in full compliance with the zoning, licensing and operating standards included in the initiative. Dispensaries would be limited to commercial and industrial zones, 600 feet away from schools or playgrounds, and 1,000 feet from any neighboring dispensary. They would have to comply with safety measures such as lighting, alarm systems, cameras and security guards. Dispensaries would also have to adhere to strict operating standards, including local licensing, proof of full compliance with state law, not-for-profit status, patient verification requirements.

Citizens for Patient Rights is engaged in similar initiative efforts in supportive communities around the county. An initiative for safe access has also qualified for the ballot in Del Mar, another is being considered by the City Council in Lemon Grove, and in Encinitas, the initiative petition has been submitted and is being qualified by the registrar of voters.

For more information, please visit www.citizens4patientrights.org or www.pcaca.org.

-Press Release


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