Is Wells Fargo Bank Impounding Medical Marijuana Accounts?

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Be Careful Where You Put Your MMJ Assets

I just saw the following message come across Sensible Washington's Facebook page, and felt the need to pass it along. Is this occurring anywhere else? If so, please put the information in the comments so people can be aware!

"The following message came to us from 420 Total Management. This message is appropriate to share. Please note, this issue will not be resolved under I-502 (Thanks in advance, ~Troy):

Wells Fargo impounded one of my client's accounts this morning. If you are in Pierce Co and/or WA, your accounts may be in peril. I have advised all other clients to withdraw all but minimun balance required and get their liquid assets out of banks until we can figure out the scope of this matter. I do not believe it is any coincidence that this is occuring as all clients are filling accounts to pay state and employment taxes in the next few days. I will keep you apprised as info becomes available. PLEASE FORWARD AS NECESSARY TO PROTECT OUR RIGHTS AND ASSETS UNDER STATE LAW."