January 28, 2013

Issue A Public Comment To San Diego City Council About Medical Marijuana

January 28, 2013
San Diego medical marijuana bob filner proposal

San Diego City Hall Marijuana medical cannabisWhat: Issue a Public Comment to San Diego City Council

When: 2:00PM, January 28, 2013 (or use the link to the on-line form below!)

Where: 12th Floor of San Diego City Hall at 202 C St, San Diego, CA 92101 (or use the link to the on-line form below!)

Last month, San Diego Mayor, Bob Filner put an end to the investigation and persecution of medical cannabis dispensaries by the city’s Neighborhood Code Compliance.

Additionally, Mayor Filner directed the City Attorney, Jan Goldsmith to drop all pending civil suits against medical cannabis dispensary operators for zoning code violations.

Since then, Jan Goldsmith has been reluctant to consent to dismissal of the cases “with prejudice” as opposed to dismissal “without prejudice,” a scenario that allows Goldsmith to take up litigation again at anytime.

According to their Website: The City Council will meet in closed session on Monday, January 28, 2013, regarding the civil enforcement actions which were filed against these marijuana dispensary operators and property owners to compel compliance with the City’s zoning laws. The City Attorney will brief the Mayor and City Council on the status of the medical marijuana dispensary cases and will seek direction.

Public comment will be taken by filling out a speaker slip before 2:00PM on Monday in the Committee Room located on the 12th Floor of City Hall at 202 C St, San Diego, CA 92101.

Please let the City Council know the Mayor intended for these cases to end permanently and the City Council should direct Jan Goldsmith to allow the cases to be closed with prejudice.  Mayor Filner made a strong stand for medical marijuana dispensaries and now he needs our backing.

If you are interested in being heard but can not attend to speak, you may use this fill-able form for public comment:


Information you will need for filling out the form:  The meeting date is January 28, 2013 and the Docket number is CS2.

Link to Closed Session Agenda: http://dockets.sandiego.gov/sirepub/pubmtgframe.aspx?meetid=1787&doctype=Agenda

Link to article on Jam Goldsmith’s actions: http://www.safeaccesssd.org/2013/01/jan-goldsmith-misleading-letter.html.

Thank you!

Terrie Best
Court Support Coordinator
San Diego Chapter, Americans for Safe Access


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