Italian Army To Grow Medical Marijuana


In my home State of Oregon, it's up to medical marijuana patients to grow medical marijuana, or designate a person to do it for them. That's a similar rule for other medical marijuana states that allow medical marijuana cultivation. In state's like New Jersey, patients have to rely on companies that won contracts to grow medical marijuana. In Italy, it sounds like the military is going to be tasked with growing marijuana for medical purposes. Per the International Business Times:

Veterans Urge the Trump Administration to Allow Marijuana Research

The Italian army will grow medical marijuana to meet the country's needs for cannabis derivatives drugs.

The Ministries of Health and Defence have reached an agreement that is to put the military in charge of operations to cultivate the drug and produce medicines used in pain treatment and other therapies, La Stampa newspaper reported.

A military pharmaceutical plant in Florence that currently produces drugs for Italy's armed forces, as well as other products for the market including cosmetics and spirits, is to take care of the strictly-controlled production.

I'm very curious to see how this works out. I know if the American military was in charge of growing my country's medical marijuana, it would likely be a huge failure and the medical marijuana grown would be even worse than the federal medical marijuana that is grown at the University of Mississippi. But, the Italian Army is different than the American Army, so I'll wait to pass judgement. If you are from Italy, and you read this blog, please leave a comment with your thoughts about this. I'm very curious what you have to say.