July 1, 2011

Kannabosm Medical Cannabis Resource Center Opens In Eugene Oregon

July 1, 2011
Eugene Oregon Medical Marijuana

Eugene Oregon Medical MarijuanaA new medical marijuana resource center recently opened in downtown Eugene, Oregon. Kannabosm is a private club open only to Oregon Medical Marijuana Program participants that is looking to help build on the already striving Oregon medical cannabis community.

The club is very eloquent and well lit, complete with glass block walls, marble columns, flowers and plush leather couches. The walls are adorned with art from locals, with a gallery of great talent. Overall a real comfortable atmosphere.

Since Oregon doesn’t allow dispensaries yet, the club provides patients access to medicine through a unique patient and grower exchange program. The program matches OMMP card holders to local, legal growers with excess medicine, a common problem with the Oregon Medical Marijuana program. Patients can get access to fresh high quality medicine, tinctures, lotions, tonics, and edibles. High quality growing soil and local resources for prospective patients are also available.

Kannabosm Medicinal Cannabis Resource Center is now accepting new patients. If you are a medical marijuana card patient/holder as defined by ORS: 475.300 — 475.336 and Admin Rules: 333-008-000 — 333-008-0120, subsection: 333-008-0010, then please contact (541)762-1975 for membership information.

Kannabosm Medical Cannabis Resource Center

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