May 27, 2012

Kids Using Medical Marijuana

May 27, 2012
medical marijuana saves lives

medical marijuana saves livesShould Children Be Allowed To Use Medical Cannabis?

I received an inquiry earlier this week from Paul Egan at the Detroit Free Press in regards to an article that I wrote about children and medical marijuana. Mr. Egan was doing a story about the 44 children that are enrolled in the Michigan medical marijuana program, and how their form of medicine is controversial. Paul Egan’s article, titled, ‘Medical marijuana brings relief for sick kids in Michigan but the treatment is controversial‘ was published today, and I encourage TWB readers to check it out.

I do want to clarify a couple of things about my quote in the article. I’m just a small part of the article, but I feel the need to correct the info about me found in Mr. Egan’s article. Below is the excerpt in bold:

“It’s a worry even for some proponents of medical pot, such as the Eugene, Ore., man who writes the Weed Blog under the pen name Johnny Green.

“I think it’s kind of unusual that in a part of the country where there’s a high prevalence of abuse of the program, there’s also a high prevalence of teenagers getting their medical marijuana cards,” Green said, in reference to Oregon.

Green, 31, who would not give his real name and said he uses medical cannabis to treat his tendinitis, said minors should face stricter controls than adults in getting medical marijuana cards. He said he likes the fact that Michigan, unlike Oregon and most other states, requires not one, but two doctors’ signatures.”

I never said there was a ‘high prevalence of abuse of the program’ here in Oregon. I stated that when there are reports in the news about a high amount of teenagers in Oregon with medical marijuana cards, it makes it look like there is a ‘high prevalence of abuse of the program’ here in Oregon, and that I don’t like that. I also put out the disclaimer that I don’t know the personal cases of all the teenagers at Ashland High School with medical marijuana cards, and that the media reports were old, so I didn’t know if there were even any left at Ashland High.

Paul Egan and I had a lengthy conversation, so I’d imagine the details got mixed up a bit, which is understandable. I just wanted to clear the air in case anyone read that and was like ‘wtf, that’s not what he says on his blog!’ Also, I stated I wasn’t sure if Oregon required two doctor’s signatures for minors; I was going to check on that and send back the info…which I never did…perhaps I ate too much medicated frosting :) Below are some videos about children and medical marijuana:





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