Latest Poll Shows Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Winning


Florida has the chance this November to legalize medical marijuana. The signatures have already been collected and verified, securing medical marijuana's place on the 2014 ballot. The Amendment 2 campaign has been working very hard to educate voters on the benefits of approving the initiative. Opponents have been fighting very hard to spread false propaganda in a desperate attempt to cling to failed policies and prevent Florida patients from pursuing relief from a safer form of medicine than pharmaceuticals.

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Per a recently released poll by Public Policy Polling, it appears that Florida medical marijuana supporters are winning the battle.

Florida's medical marijuana amendment that will be on the ballot this fall continues to appear headed for easy passage, with 66% of voters saying they support it to just 25% who are opposed. Those numbers are almost identical to 65/23 when we last polled on it in January, indicating the proposal is not losing any steam. Democrats and independents are overwhelmingly in support of it, and even Republicans narrowly favor it 44/42.

This is great news for Florida. Florida patients deserve to choose a safer, effective form of medication to help them deal with their ailments. Anyone who argues otherwise lacks compassion. It's worth noting that even though Amendment 2 is currently winning in the polls, there is still a long time between now and Election Day and there's still a lot of work to do. Please make a contribution to the Florida campaign at this link here, so that they can continue to fight for compassion.