August 8, 2013

Leader Of Marijuana Court Support Organization Under Siege

August 8, 2013
the human solution michigan medical marijuana

the human solution michigan medical marijuanaEarlier in 2013 The Human Solution (THS), a national marijuana patient support group, announced the formation of a chapter in Michigan. THS specializes in court support for marijuana users entangled in the judicial system by publicizing and attending those hearing and trial dates across Michigan. “We provide court, prison and educational support to those caught up in the legal system over a plant,” is the description carried on the groups’ website,

Led by Steve and Maria Green, the chapter’s first meeting was attended by 50 people, some of whom were already entangled in court proceedings- and some who had already won dismissals. Since then THS has created a website and used social media and email blasts to alert the public to upcoming dates; Steve Green provides a weekly report on cannabis-related cases during the Planet Green Trees broadcast Thursday evenings on

“The Human Solution provides opportunities to support those in need for everyone regardless of physical or economic limitations,” Chapter Director Steve Green said. “Our network helps people rideshare and carpool. Court support does require personal time and gas money, but anyone regardless of economic limitations is able to participate in a POW program by writing letters, providing support either one time or establishing a pen-pal relationship.”

The THS website contains a calendar of court dates, contact information for persons incarcerated for marijuana crimes (POW’s), contact information and patient stories. “Our support and influence has grown around this State to the point of our symbol, the Red Cross tying a Green ribbon, has become a familiar site at rallies and in the Court rooms,” Green said. “We’ve been successful in swaying public opinion in our favor- including the opinions of some judges.”

Earlier this year Steve delivered significant testimony to the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on the subject of distribution of medical marijuana. That Committee will hear testimony on the Provisioning Centers Act in the fall. During questioning Green discussed the effectiveness of various forms of cannabis medicines on his seizures, and the elimination of some pharmaceuticals designed to control seizures. The Michigan Court of Appeals recently determined many of the substances Green testified about are not considered “useable marijuana”; other factors have nullified the progress Green reported.

Green had court-imposed bond conditions which allowed him to use cannabis to control his seizures for six months. A judge reversed that ruling and now Steve has been forced to make the decision to use the same pharmaceutical anti-seizure medicines that have demonstrably caused him harm before. Maria Green is in court fighting to retain custody and visitation rights to her child, which are being challenged due to the legal and registered use of marijuana in the Green home. Both issues are ongoing.

To support others, or to obtain support for yourself, please visit:

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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