January 5, 2011

Marijuana Dispensary Trades Joints for Canned Food

January 5, 2011
canned marijuana

canned marijuanaMedical Marijuana Dispensary Trades Joints For Canned Food

Imagine if every dispensary in California did a fundraiser where they traded medical marijuana for canned food and the canned food went to a good cause. It would raise a lot of canned food for very needy people, while at the same time showing society that marijuana can, and IS doing great things for people. Well it sounds like at least one dispensary was already doing it this holiday season! To the owners of Granny Purps; that was an awesome idea! Here is the story, from Hail Mary Jane:

Talk about holiday spirit. A Santa Cruz dispensary, Granny Purps, decided to get into the holiday spirit this year by giving away joints to whoever brought in cans of food. For every four cans of food patients donated to Second Harvest, they received one free prerolled marijuana joint, with a maximum of three per day. Not a bad deal. You get to help out the hungry AND get high. You can’t beat that.

In all, Granny Purps handed out 2,000 joints to dispensary clients and collected 11,000 pounds of food, a large contribution for a business of its size.

“We look at pounds donated per employee, and Granny Purps, with about eight employees, received the amount of donations that we’d expect a business with 30 to 40 employees to get,” said Danny Keith, chief development and technology officer at Second Harvest.

“They had a good recipe for a small business,” he said, “It takes the focus of the owner to implore employees and customers to participate. They focused on a goal of raising food for people who need it, applied resources and came up with a creative angle.”

That is an exceptional holiday promotion and I know that if I had heard about it I would have rushed to the supermarket to buy 12 cans a day.


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