November 6, 2012

Massachusetts Becomes The 18th Medical Marijuana State

November 6, 2012
massachusetts cannabis

It’s A Big Day For Safe Access To Medical Cannabis In Massachusetts

The first victory of the night! The following messages just came across Twitter:

Massachusetts medical marijuana

massachusetts medical marijuana

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition had this to say:

The Boston Globe just declared the voters of Massachusetts have passed an initiative making the Bay State the 18th in the nation to enact a medical marijuana law.

Here’s a quick reaction from LEAP speaker Karen Hawkes, a former Massachusetts state trooper who has used medical marijuana to ease her own pain:

“Today Massachusetts voters made the compassionate and sensible choice to let medical decisions be made by doctors and their patients. As a former Massachusetts state trooper and as someone who has personally benefited from the use of medical marijuana, I thank my fellow Bay Staters for this decision. My former colleagues will never again have to arrest a seriously ill person just for following their doctor’s recommendation and I myself  will no longer have to choose between living in pain and living my life in fear.”

Congratulations to the hardworking activists in Massachusetts. Suffering patients will finally get the safe options they deserve!


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