Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Opponents Make A Big Political Blunder


In one of my favorite recent political events, anti-medical cannabis zealots, led by former Drug Czar aide Dr. Kevin Sabet, made a huge political mistake in their campaign against a medical marijuana legalization measure on the ballot this November in Massachusetts.  A "Yes" vote on Question 3 in the Bay State, will allow patients to utilize medical cannabis for their debilitating medical conditions and establish a licensed and regulated dispensary supply system.  Urging, voters to vote "No,"  these anti-medical marijuana folks listed their website as in the voters' pamphlet mailed to every household in the state.

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Medical marijuana opponents make a big political mistake in Massachusetts, providing cannabis activists with an opportunity to make political gains and to have a good laugh.

Urging voters in every Massachusetts household to go to seemed like a sensible enough plan for Dr. Sabet and his gang.  However, they made a huge mistake and forgot to actually register the website.  Thus, actually takes you to a spoof site lampooning anti-marijuana propaganda spouted by prohibitionists like Sabet.  Taking aim at the debunked gateway theory and the failed notion that marijuana users never amount to anything in life, the website is a political punch in the gut to Massachusetts medical marijuana opponents.

From our friends at Reason:

On Tuesday a savvy satirist registered the URL, where you can now findOnion-esque items with headlines such as "FACT: Marijuana Is the Gateway Drug to Twinkies," "FACT: No Marijuana User Has Ever Been Successful" (above a collage of famous pot smokers' photos), and "Elementary School Counselor Speaks Out Against Medical Marijuana" (quoting Mr. Mackey, the guidance counselor on South Park). No on Question 3 spokesman (and former ONDCP official) Kevin Sabet toldThe Boston Globe, "It's funny and upsetting, I guess, at the same time." No, it's just funny.

Despite example after example of cannabis use not adversely affecting the lives of athletesartistsbusiness executivesscientists, and politicians, including Presidents of the United States, the stereotype of the lazy, absent-minded marijuana user is perpetuated by prohibitionists and the media.  For once, score one for the good guys as the prohibitionists make a huge political blunder and pro-cannabis activists swoop in to take advantage.  While Dr. Sabet and his ilk usually just increase the blood pressure of cannabis activists who are forced to combat an avalanche of misinformation, it is nice for them to give us all a good hearty laugh for once.

Article from National Cannabis Coalition and republished with special permission