Massachusetts Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez Is A Crafty Idiot

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana regulations public hearings

Representative Jeffrey Sanchez Forgets That He Doesn't Work For The Feds

Once again, medical marijuana legislation has been working it's way through the Massachusetts political system. And once again, medical marijuana hater Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez is going to kill it. Is it because he feels it's what his state wants him to do? Is it because he respects his state's sovereignty? Here is his reasoning, originally appearing in an article in the Sánchez to halt medical pot bill

"target="_blank">Jamaica Plain Gazette:

“The federal government still reserves its right to bang on people’s door and arrest them, despite state laws,” Sánchez said. Mr. Sanchez, I know that you sit at home at night, laying in bed, dreaming of the day when you will be a federal representative. However, you are not a federal representative, you are a STATE representative, for the great State of Massachusetts. A simple Google search will point that out to you! So why the f don't you act like it? Why don't you quit being a closet neo-con and have some common sense and compassion for once?

Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez is not doing anything new. People that hate medical marijuana will rarely come out and say it. They will almost always defer to the federal government, even though on most other topics they will talk about 'big government' and how the feds are so evil. The other common delay tactic is 'we need to study it more, and/or there still needs to be much more discussion.'

Here is a quote form the same article linked to above, “I’m not inherently disposed to say no [to medical marijuana legalization],” he said. “I don’t question the science and the potential wellness benefits. But the challenge lies in the dispensing.” Really Mr. Sanchez? So what you're saying is, if dispensing was not an issue, you would be all for medical marijuana? You say you recognize the science and wellness benefits, but do you really? What if there was no dispensary provision in the legislation, and people were allowed to just grow their own, are you saying you would support that?

What if the feds came out tomorrow and said they now approve of medical marijuana, would you support it then, or find another illogical stance to cling to? I can almost guarantee that after his 'reservations' were handled, Massachusetts Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez would just find something else to cling to. What he needs to do is come out and state the truth, even if it's not favorable to medical marijuana - Massachusetts Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez HATES medical marijuana. However he won't admit it because he doesn't want the fallout, and would prefer to just keep using his ridiculous quotes. I say if Massachusetts Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez loves the feds so much and thinks they are so great, then leave the State of Massachusetts and live in DC. That way someone who ACTUALLY LOVES MASSACHUSETTS can represent it's citizens.

As is almost always the case, medical marijuana patients will have to bring about sensible laws on their own. “Patients deserve the same access to necessary medical resources to fight debilitating diseases that are available in 16 other states across the country,” Whitney Taylor of the pro-medical marijuana group the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance told the Gazette. The article went on to state, 'Taylor’s statement began with a reference to the MPAA’s ongoing ballot question initiative, which reportedly already has attracted more than 100,000 petition-signers.' Most politicians don't have the stones to do what's right, they only have the desire to stay in office and corrupt the system for their benefit. Thank goodness for signature gathering!

According to the article referenced above, "Every year, some type of medical marijuana legalization bill comes before the legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health, which Sánchez chairs. He has sent those bills to “study,” effectively killing them. The most recent version, expected to be sent to study sometime between now and May, is House Bill 625, which would create nonprofit centers where patients could get medical marijuana with a prescription and an identity card. “I haven’t heard anything new” regarding how the legalization squares with federal law, Sánchez said."


Sánchez to halt medical pot bill