January 27, 2015

Medical Marijuana Bill Filed In Florida Senate

January 27, 2015
florida capital grand rally in tally medical marijuana

florida capital grand rally in tally medical marijuanaEver since the end of the 2014 Election, I have been hoping to see a meaningful medical marijuana bill filed in the Florida Legislature. Too many people voted for medical marijuana in Florida to ignore the issue any longer. Today as I sat in my cubicle I saw a tweet from United for Care go out, which included a link to a page that stated the following:

BIG news: Republican (!!!) Senator Jeff Brandes has just filed a comprehensive medical marijuana bill in the Florida Senate.

Senate Bill 528 is a very good start and we believe one that would serve as a huge step forward for Florida’s suffering patients and their families.

This bill proves that the massive support we received in the last election – 58% of voters – plus our quick work to bring the petition back for 2016 is getting recognized by reasonable legislators like Senator Brandes.

Help us keep up the pressure on the Senate and House and force them to move this bill forward. Support our petition gathering efforts today by contributing here. 

We thank Senator Brandes, and encourage his colleagues to support this bill.

 We are going to get a good medical marijuana bill passed – whether it’s through the legislature or on the ballot.

This is a big, big deal – but it’s a long way from becoming law. The only way lawmakers are going to pay attention is to demonstrate the power of the 3.3 million voters that already voted in favor of medical marijuana.  Please contribute to our 2016 petition drive here.  

Thank you to those of you that have contributed already.  We appreciate your continued support.

– Elias Egozi
State Director
United for Care

For a brief analysis of the bill, I instantly looked at Robert Platshorn’s Facebook page. I value his opinion more than most because he lives in Florida, knows more about marijuana than most people, and has a great mind when it comes to politics. Below is what he posted on his Facebook page:

New bill filed by Republican Senator Jeff Brandes. Actually not too bad. Not great, but covers most patients needs. Tough licensing requirements for growers. Limits caregivers to one patient, unless several patients are family members or live in same care facility. Caregivers, dispensary workers, growers etc must pass background check. If nothing better is filed, this will do for a start. Let’s wait till we see Clemens bill.

I’d be very curious to find out what the mood is among Florida lawmakers right now. Medical marijuana is more popular than most, if not all, of the lawmakers in Florida right now, and I’d expect people to jump on the bandwagon, because after all, isn’t that what politics is really about? However it gets done, whoever submits the bill, whatever it takes to get the safe access that patients deserve and need in Florida.


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