December 22, 2014

Medical Marijuana Bill To Be Filled In Indiana

December 22, 2014
indiana marijuana house bill hb 1006

indiana marijuana house bill hb 1006When it comes to medical marijuana reform, the State of Indiana is likely not the first state that comes to mind. However, emboldened by new federal policy that de-funded medical marijuana raids in states that have passed medical marijuana laws, Indiana appears to have a medical marijuana bill on the horizon. Per NUVO:

Sen. Karen Tallian (D-Portage) has proposed bills in the past that would have simply made pot legal. In the 2015 legislative session, Tallian says she will take a medical approach to the issue.

“My bills in the past have only addressed the decriminalization of marijuana, but I had planned on including a medical facet of the proposal that would allow for medical marijuana in Indiana,” said Tallian in a released statement. “For this upcoming session, I have a bill ready to file to legalize medical marijuana.”

Tallian says she finds the recent events in Washington to be encouraging on this issue. The federal spending bill, approved by Congress, includes a provision that eliminates federal raids in states where medicinal marijuana is legal.

I’m curious to see what type of medical marijuana bill is filed. Will it be a CBD-only bill? Because if so, that’s disheartening. If it allows all forms of medical marijuana, will there be home cultivation and provisions to create dispensaries? A truly effective medical marijuana bill will allow safe access for all patients, and will allow home cultivation. Anything is obviously better than nothing, but I’m hopeful that Indiana goes about this the right way.


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