June 2, 2010

Medical Marijuana Business School Obtains State License and Regulation Approval

June 2, 2010

More great news from Colorado! Greenway University, the industry’s leading medical marijuana business school in compliance and education, has received state approval from the Colorado Department of Higher Education. This makes it the first and only state licensed and regulated medical marijuana vocational school in the United States.

Greenway University, licensed and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, is the industry’s leading multi-spectrum medical marijuana business that is committed to the highest standards in education, technology, cultivation, distribution and compliance. From its MBA and industry-leading advanced certification programs to its turnkey, point-of-sale system which tracks medicine from seed to sale, to its in-house botanist and geneticist, Greenway University is paving the way for ethics, safety and business acumen in the medical marijuana industry. Based in Denver, Colorado, Greenway University has campuses in Colorado and California.

“This is truly a momentous day for the entire industry and further validates our forward-thinking messages of education, professionalism and industry-leading programs,” said Gus Escamilla, Greenway University founder and CEO. “We are so incredibly thankful to the state of Colorado for embracing our message and allowing us to set the standard for a higher level of professional education for the entire medical marijuana industry.”

Greenway University has a fundamental commitment to legitimize the medical marijuana industry through professionalism, technology and educational innovation. “We intend to offer advanced courses in every aspect of the industry from our industry-leading certification programs to our advanced scientific research and development for new genetic strain characteristics for patient uses,” Escamilla added.

Hopefully, with the recognition of an institution like this to a state government, more of these types of schools will start to surface and be acknowledged by our own governments. Education is KEY to getting the truth about marijuana and its properties to the public and legitimizing the medical marijuana industry. This is a great step in the right direction; kudos to you, Colorado!


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