March 15, 2011

Medical Marijuana Legislation Introduced in Florida

March 15, 2011
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HJR 1407 – Medical Use of Cannabis – Help Make Sure it Passes!

HJR 1407 – Medical Use of Cannabis Has Been Introduced!!

· We have less than 60 days of really hard work coming up

· Support HJR 1407! Medical Use of Cannabis in Florida!

· Read the bill here:

· Thanks so much for everything you are doing for the patients. For some of us, these are going to be some very sleepless nights while we push to make sure this happens for Florida. Anything you do to help will be absolutely amazing!

There is already vast majority support for it in this state, but as we face the toughest laws in the nation, fear keeps many from speaking out. “There comes a time when Silence is Betrayal.” (MLKjr) The patients in Florida need you to speak up Now! We have 7 people dying every day from prescription medications in Florida. This needs to end, people Need a Cheaper, Safer, More Effective form of Medication and they need your help to get it!

· Here are the different areas we need help in:

· 1. The Speaker of the House. This bill moves absolutely nowhere unless Speaker of the House, Dean Cannon, makes it happen. He should be the first attack for everyone. We need phone calls, emails, hand written letters, and visits. He must put this bill before a committee, if he doesn’t, it dies. Once its in committee, then we have to aim for that committee.

· Dean Cannon’s Office – 850-488-1450 <– Call that number. They won’t ask any questions.. If you actually talk to a person and not a machine, it will be a secretary that will just take a tally mark and try to get on to the next call. Please, take 30 seconds out of your day to make this simple call. Want to help more, follow it up with a hand written-letter or a visit. Nothing is more impactful than that.

· 2. Your local representative needs to cosponsor this bill. Call, write and email them as well: Your goal with them is to get them to cosponsor and support it.

Here’s the link to find yours . . .

· 3. Letters to the Editor. Make sure the main newspapers in your area and around the state are printing your LtE’s in response to their coverage of the story. Make these just a few paragraphs, some newspapers put restrictions on how long they can be. This way, more people will read about the people who suffer here in Florida.

· 4. Local Media. Calling your local radio stations and television and telling them your story and you would like to let others know about your story as it pertains to the new legislation.

· 5. Internet attack. Go on all the message boards and social networking sites and post information to the link, and if you would like you can do as Maria Mills Greenfield did and ‘share your story.’ We can spread the word and get so many people informed by getting the word out there. But remember, just because you tag someone or join a group, doesn’t mean you are actually doing something to advance the cause, it’s about ensuring everyone contacts their representatives and the media as well.

· 6. Community awareness. This is where hitting up local hot spots will be an excellent way to find more support and more patients. With everyone talking about it and knowing they need to contact their legislators, we will make this move so much faster. You could even hang up signs around town. Wear you shirt everywhere you go! Hang up signs around town!

· There are lots of ways to help with the main focus being getting everyone talking about it and talking to their legislators so they can’t just brush this under the table. Every half of the bills die before they ever even get a second reading. So we really need to strike hard now.

· Thanks for everything you do. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you help the patients!

· Joshua Giesegh


We all need to unite

over the next 60 days

to ensure this happens!

People United For Medical Marijuana –

Ok, medical marijuana warriors! We have made it to the point in history when Rep. Jeff Clemons, D-89, and his co-sponsors, have demonstrated the courage and vision to give Floridians the opportunity to vote on Medical Marijuana in 2012 without the hurdle of collecting over 676,000 signed petitions. 2011 can be the last year of medical marijuana prohibition in Florida! 2012 can be the year that marks the end of patients in FL being denied access to the safe, effective, affordable medicine known as cannabis, the natural alternative to the pharmaceuticals currently causing 7 deaths every day in our state. 2012 can mark the end of patients being forced to choose between suffering and fear, risking being labeled “criminals” and sent to jail, leaving behind broken lives and families, for nothing more than treating their own ailing bodies with the beneficent herbal medicine cannabis. 2012 can mark the end of our precious tax dollars being squandered to perpetuate nothing more than the destruction of lives and families, to carry on the insanity of medical marijuana prohibition. Tell Tallahassee to stop wasting our hard-earned tax dollars locking up patients like Jeff Kennedy and John Haring!

This is GO TIME, my friends. If this is the CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE, step up and be a part of it!


TAMPA — 7:00 PM Tuesday, March 22, 2011 (Second Tuesday) Panera Bread by USF, 11860 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa, FL 33612

PINELLAS — 7:00 PM Tuesday, April 12, 2011 (Second Tuesday) Bardmoor Village Panera Bread, 10801 Starkey Rd., Largo, FL 33777

Not local to Tampa Bay? Look for your local chapter meetings on Facebook or and come out to a meetup, or call 407-405-0110 or email PUFMM’s founders at Don’t forget to sign up to receive the Compassion Chronicle!


* * * JOIN US AT A MEETUP !! You CAN make a difference !
* * CAN’T COME TO MEETINGS? Check out the following link . . .



* * Driving to a PUFMM event and have empty seats in your ride? Help out the movement, multiply the numbers of hands and hearts to help out and pick up volunteers who need a ride . . .


Please forward this email to everyone you know, tell all your friends about PUFMM, check out the calendar at, look for us on Facebook and come to our meetups and events.




Most importantly, make a commitment to keep this issue on your front burner until

FLORIDA’S PATIENTS HAVE THEIR MEDICINE and our tax dollars are no longer being wasted on trampling on the liberties of our fellow citizens.


xoxo, Cyndi/Blue

Co-organizer ,
People United For Medical Marijuana – Tampa Bay
(727) 421-7862


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