Medical Marijuana Patients File Lawsuit Against Colorado


This week has been an interesting one in Colorado to say the least. Yesterday it was announced that the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma are suing the State of Colorado because they don't like Colorado's marijuana legalization law. Earlier this week it announced that Colorado approved 8 million dollars worth of marijuana research grants. The announcement of the grants seemed like good news to most people, however, it isn't sitting well with some Colorado medical marijuana patients. Per The Denver Channel:

Colorado Marijuana

Medical marijuana patients are suing the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment over patient fees.

The Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project says the health department wants to illegally use registry application fees to fund new research on medical marijuana.

The details of the patient registry fees are not known at this time other than there is a lawsuit. How it will affect the recently approved grants, if at all, is yet to be seen. With a lawsuit pending from Nebraska and Oklahoma, in addition to the pending lawsuit over patient registry fees, all eyes will be on Colorado to see how these cases play out. It's a situation worth monitoring for sure.