September 6, 2012

Medical Marijuana Pioneer Tom Daubert Federal Sentencing Today

September 6, 2012
montana medical marijuana tom daubert

montana medical marijuana tom daubertTom Daubert Will Be Sentenced In Federal Court Today In Montana

I saw this come across Marijuana Policy Project’s Twitter page and felt the need to pass it along:

Tom Daubert, a drug policy reform activist with a long history of work for humane medical marijuana laws, recently reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors after his former business, Montana Cannabis, was raided by federal agents in March 2011. His sentencing hearing will be held today at the federal courthouse in Missoula. Despite having worked closely with state and local law enforcement leaders throughout his involvement in marijuana production for state-legal patients, Tom faces a sentence of up to 20 years in federal prison for his role as a managing partner in Montana Cannabis.

Daubert’s story leading up to these charges is featured in the new documentary CODE OF THE WEST, which premiered this year at SXSW – a portrait of the medical marijuana political debate in Montana and its implications beyond. During the filming of the documentary in 2010, Daubert offered tours of his company, Montana Cannabis, to state law enforcement officials and politicians.

States, with strong popular support, have been experimenting with modifying drug policy to make marijuana available for medical purposes, notwithstanding that it stands in violation of federal law. In 2009 the Obama Administration signaled that it would not prosecute producers who complied with state medical marijuana laws. Daubert cooperated with state authorities, seeking to operate within the framework of state law that was admittedly ambiguous – and he has not been charged in state court with any violations of Montana state law.

Please watch and share our clip from the film. More info on our website:

Code of the West CLIP – Growhouse Tour 2010 from Racing Horse Productions on Vimeo.


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