December 3, 2015

Medical Marijuana Rally In Cranberry, Pennsylvania

December 3, 2015
pennsylvania medical cannabis society

pennsylvania medical cannabis societyThe Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society (PAMCS), along with many concerned state residents, including those suffering from diseases which could be treated with medical cannabis and their families, will be rallying at the Regional Learning Alliance and Conference Center, in Cranberry Township, 16066 on Saturday, Dec. 5, from 2 to 4 pm.

More than two weeks ago, the House Rules Committee voted to place SB3 on the legislative calendar, but it still has not received a vote. “While we support Leader Dave Reed’s efforts to gain consensus within his caucus, it’s now time to go forward with a clean bill that is not hobbled by unnecessary amendments,” said PAMCS Executive Director, Patrick Nightingale.

Patients and their families were repeatedly promised a medical cannabis bill would be passed this year and that it would not to be a part of the Budget negotiations. “Every time there is a delay in moving SB3, they tell us that they are consumed with the Budget. In the meantime, they passed over 15 bills since October 31st,” said Heather Shuker, mother of 12 year old Hannah, who has intractable epilepsy.

Along with Nightingale and Shuker, other speakers will include:

  • Dr. Cyril Wecht, renowned pathologist, on the latest medical research
  • Brandon Genescritti, a little person who uses medical cannabis to treat his chronic pain due to renal failure
  • Rich and Becky Witwer, parents of Grace, who died Nov. 11th from sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP)
  • Joe McGurk, father of 2 beautiful girls who both suffer from a catastrophic form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome
  • Lolly Bentch, Co-founder of Campaign for Compassion, and mother of Anna who suffers from severe epilepsy

The PAMCS strongly encourages any Pennsylvanians who support Medical Cannabis to attend. With Gov. Wolf ready to sign a bill that gets to his desk, a bill that best supports the patients who need it is our primary goal. As Executive Director Nightingale said, “We need to make sure that the bill that gets to the Governor’s is worth the effort and worth him signing it.”


The Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society (PAMCS) is a non-profit organization of medical cannabis industry professionals in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PAMCS consists of industry professionals working together to: represent the PA medical cannabis industry in public venues including the government, private sector, and the media; provide members with timely information, expert services, and professional support on medical cannabis issues; and advance medical cannabis policy, science, education, and ethics.


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