April 17, 2012

Medical Marijuana Showdown Brewing On The Idaho Border

April 17, 2012
medical marijuana peace for patients

medical marijuana patient police abuseIdaho Cops Are Using Unconstitutional Tactics To Search For Medical Marijuana

I have been meaning to point out an alarming trend in Idaho, but I wanted to get more information before I wrote about it. I have talked to countless family members, activists, and concerned citizens in Idaho recently. They explained to me that cops in Idaho are waiting along the border to try to profile people they think may have purchased medical marijuana in states like Oregon. One person told me today that it’s really bad along I-84, especially around the Homedale junction.

I have a lot of family in Homedale (population 2,535?) and I called some of my cousins to see if this is true. They told me that this is not only common, it’s pretty standard now. Six cop cars at each major entry point into Idaho along the Washington/Idaho/Nevada border is an every day occurrence he said. He was quick to point out that he doesn’t travel as often as some people, but that everyone talks about it in Homedale and Payette.

Idaho marijuanaOne activist that I was talking to on Facebook was explaining to me that the cops are profiling cars that have disabled parking permits hanging from their rear view mirrors. I don’t have a source to site, so you can take that information for what you want. If you are from Idaho, can you confirm or deny that? Readers would benefit from your comments. What I do have a source for is the case of Justin Brownrigg. Justin Brownrigg was caught in Idaho with 69 pounds. I personally don’t think that is a smart thing to do, so I don’t want to highlight him, but I do want to highlight how he was busted.

The cops in Oregon pulled Mr. Brownrigg over and smelled marijuana. He flashed an Oregon medical marijuana card and the cops had to let him go. But what the Oregon police did was call the Idaho police…you know the end of the story. Despite what people think, Oregon medical marijuana cards are not legal outside of Oregon. A lot of people are getting them from outside of Oregon since Oregon doesn’t require residency, and for some reason they are under the impression that their card is good wherever they go. That’s just simply not the case. The second you cross state lines, that medical marijuana is illegal, and you are liable to prosecution.

Because of the increasing amount of people coming West for marijuana, medical and recreational, cops in bordering states are taking notice. Idaho has always been a conservative state, so it doesn’t surprise me to hear the things that I’m hearing. One thing that people need to watch out for in Idaho is ‘drug inspection checkpoints.’ I haven’t heard of them popping up, yet, but if there is any place that will try to do this to it’s citizens and travelers, it’s the state of Idaho. Click this link to read more about ‘drug inspection checkpoints.’ I must warn you, it’s some of the most hardcore abuse of police powers I’ve heard of in awhile, and it may induce anger.

Any readers in Idaho that can share their thoughts and experiences? Please comment so that others can benefit. I can’t find much of this information out there, so it’s important that we spread awareness!


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