November 5, 2013

Medical Marijuana Supporters Hoping ‘Baby Bree’ Case Sets Precedent For Future Cases

November 5, 2013
dea kids children medical marijuana

dea kids children medical marijuanaIt’s a very sad thing when parents have their children ripped out of their arms simply because the parents are medical marijuana patients. It’s becoming more and more common it seems like, which is so wrong it’s hard to find the right words to describe how it makes me feel. I recently had a child, and if he was ever taken from me because of the type of legal medicine I use to alleviate my symptoms, I wouldn’t handle it well I assure you of that. Why is it that people can take any other form of medication and their parenting skills are never questioned, yet if a licensed medical marijuana patient has their medicine safely hidden away from their child they are still considered a danger?

Unfortunately, this is a nightmare that the Green family recently had to endure in Michigan. Known as Baby Bree, the little girl was removed from the Green home for reasons related to her parent’s registered participation in Michigan’s medical marijuana program. I’m happy to say that Baby Bree was eventually returned to her family, but only after a  heart wrenching legal battle. Medical marijuana supporters around Michigan are hoping that her case is one that sets a precedent for any possible future cases. Hopefully her situation is one that is never repeated.

According to Wilx 10 in Michigan:

“A parent shouldn’t have to worry about losing their children because of the natural form of medication they choose to use,” said Robin Schneider with Michigan Moms United and the National Patients Rights Association. ”This is a widespread issue, we are seeing parental rights being threatened all over the state.” Schneider said she’s optimistic the Green’s case will be a game-changer for other medical marijuana using parents in the state. ”We really hope this issue created enough precedent in the media and with the citizens of Michigan and our officials so that this won’t happen again,” she said.

There are numerous cases all over the country where this is happening. Contact your legislators to tell them to respect the rights of sick patients, and that this is unacceptable. Your voice just might be the one that they listen to, and it just might keep this from happening where you live.


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