December 16, 2014

Medical Marijuana TV Episode Debuts Today

December 16, 2014
new york medical marijuana

new york medical marijuanaThe much-anticipated airing of a popular television medical program’s marijuana-themed episode will take place this week.

The “Medical Marijuana” episode of the ‘Ask Dr. Nandi’ television show will be broadcast on Tuesday, December 16 on select cable television stations. See the accompanying guide to locate the channel for your provider.

The television show is recorded at studios in Oakland County. Most of the guests featured on the program are Michigan parents, patients and professionals.

Featured on the program were six segments. First up: Aaron Justis and a video of his Buds n Roses medical marijuana dispensary in California.

Next are Jim and Erin Powers with their son Ryan, who is a registered pediatric cannabis patient, and a video taken at their home.

In the middle segment is Josey Scoggin, the first minor medical marijuana patient registered in the state of Michigan.

Dr. Nandi begins the second half of the program by interviewing Ken Seeley, who is referred to as a ‘celebrity addiction specialist.’ This segment is conducted via video link from a remote location.

A dialog between Dr. Partha Nandi and three noted cannabis advocates follows. The conversation ranges beyond personal stories to the wider issues of legalized marijuana use, the harmful effects and societal acceptance of cannabis as a treatment option. Those advocates are Rick Thompson, cannabis media specialist and editor of The Compassion Chronicles; Michael Komorn, a criminal defense attorney with a history of winning medical marijuana cases; and Justis.

The final segment contains a question-and-answer session between the advocates and the audience.

The show uses the entire hour to  evaluate a single issue, a different approach from most other medical programming. “When too many topics are discussed in a one hour long show the dialog becomes more about sound bites than an exploration of a theme,” Thompson said. “That’s not how it was with the ‘Ask Dr. Nandi Show’.”

In the audience are a dozen notable Michigan medical marijuana faces, including Dewey Thomas and Bob Redden, Jamie Lowell and Greg Pawlowski. Some of those people can be seen on this highlight reel from the 2014 season of the ‘Ask Dr. Nandi’ television show.

A photo gallery of pictures taken at the taping and screenshots from the broadcast can be found HERE.

Source: TheCompassionChronicles.Com


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