March 26, 2010

Michigan Protest Against Walmart Scheduled for Today

March 26, 2010

Another protest is scheduled today on behalf of wrongly-terminated Walmart employee Joseph Casias. As everyone has read on just about every media outlet on the web (including TWB), Joseph Casias is a medical marijuana patient in Michigan, and was fired from the Battle Creek Walmart after testing positive for marijuana. The protest is scheduled for 4:25 p.m. at the Walmart in Comstock Park. The address is 3999 Alpine Avenue NW in case you need to mapquest it. Today’s protest is organized by Protest for Peace in conjunction with Students for a Sensible Drug Policy of Michigan State University. STAND UP MICHIGAN, AND GET VOCAL! AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT IS OUTSIDE OF MICHIGAN, KEEP THE PRESSURE ON IN YOUR LOCAL AREA. If the marijuana community can get Mr. Casias his job back, it would be a major victory for all medical marijuana patients in the workplace, nationwide. We must unite in order to win the fight!


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