Missouri Medical Marijuana Public Service Announcements


By John Payne

missouri cannabis reform media campaign

As regular readers know, we are currently running radio ads on KSHE 94.7 FM in Saint Louis. In an ideal world, we would run ads on every station in the state, but we are constrained by financial resources.

Well, one station owner has stepped forward to put us a little closer to that goal, and he is looking for others to join with him! Elmo Donze of KBDZ 93.1 FM in Perryville is running our educational medical cannabis messages --- which you listen to here --- as public service announcements on his station free of charge.

In fact, he has pledged to assign $10,000 worth of airtime to these medical cannabis PSA's through the end of the year, and he is asking other radio stations to do the same! If you are associated with a radio station and support medical cannabis in Missouri, email me (john@show-mecannabis.com or just reply to this email), and I will be happy to work with you to get our educational message on medical cannabis out to your station and stations all across the state.

Of course, we will still need to run paid ads in addition to the PSA's. So if you'd like more people to hear our message on the air, follow this link and make a contribution now!

Source: National Cannabis Coalition - make a donation