November 11, 2015

Missouri Veterans Need Your Support To Legalize Medical Marijuana

November 11, 2015
missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meeting

missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meetingI received the following e-mail alert from the Missouri medical marijuana campaign:

My name is Tom Mundell, and I am the Past State Commander for the Department of Missouri, Veterans of Foreign Wars. When I completed my service, I didn’t just become a veteran…I became a patient.

I took hundreds of pills every week to help treat mental health problems, but nothing worked. And I’m not alone. Veterans across Missouri are unable to treat mental illness with a proven alternative: medical cannabis. You can help change this right now.

Take 45 seconds to thank veterans for their service. Pledge to support access to medical cannabis for those who need it most.

In my years working with veterans, I have seen the lives of the strongest men and women ruined by opioid painkillers, barbiturates, and other pharmaceutical medications. These are currently the only choices available to our veterans and all patients in Missouri.

But pharmaceutical drugs are not and should not be the only option. I have known veterans who have gone from taking hundreds of pills a day and wanting to end their lives to almost eliminating the need for pills and being happy with their lives; and it was all because of medical cannabis.

A growing number of scientific studies shows that cannabis is a healthier alternative to many pharmaceuticals, and we must provide this vital optionto all of Missouri’s deserving veterans and qualifying patients.


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