MJ Freeway Uses Integration To Bring Legitimacy To The Medical Marijuana Industry


MJ Freeway Software Solutions just announced an integration deal with over twenty partners encompassing all key sectors in the Medical Marijuana industry including:

mj freeway
  • Social Networks
  • Strain/Dispensary Locator Services
  • Menu Board Integrations
  • Merchant Services
  • Symptom Tracking
  • Marketing Services
  • Doctor Referral
  • Vending Machines
  • Staffing and Training Companies
  • Cannabis Testing Facilities and On-site Testing Machines

The agreement was reached between all key parties with a commitment to include data interfaces necessary to deliver the integration of strain and test information from inventory to social network to patient, while also providing added software tools for Medical Marijuana businesses to succeed.

Mark Goldfogel, Founder and Chief Technologist of MJ Freeway, LLC, (http://www.mjfreeway.com) said, “MJ Freeway customers already rely on our software for guaranteed state compliance tools, accurate inventory control, theft prevention and professional-grade QuickBooks integration, among other features. As the most widely-used and trusted software in the Medical Marijuana industry, we feel a responsibility to also provide our customers with a wide range of quality choices for social networks, strain locators, testing labs, merchant and marketing services, and more; all integrated seamlessly within our software."

Key partners joining MJ Freeway’s integration include: Social Networks- Weedtracker.com, Stickyguide.com, Doobons.com, Cannastaff - Staffing and Training, Steep Hill Laboratories and Halent Labs - Testing, Enigami Systems - Symptom Tracking, and three different merchant processors including Transswipe Inc., with more integration partners announced in the coming weeks and months.

David Lampach, President and Co-founder of Steep Hill Laboratories, said, “Our stated mission is to assure the quality of medical cannabis through scientific analysis while actively legitimizing the cannabis industry. This integration with MJ Freeway achieves both goals because we can now provide our award-winning cannabis analysis services to more dispensaries and patients nationwide, and we’re very excited to take another step toward legitimacy in this industry.”

"This scale of integration is simply not seen in any industry, Cannabis or otherwise. It's way more than just point of sale; these integrations enhance our comprehensive set of software tools to service anyone in the MMJ sector - from doctors and caregivers to growers and dispensaries - with an interest in running their business successfully and bringing legitimacy to the industry," Mr. Goldfogel added.

Courtney Papke, CEO of Weedtracker.com, explained their involvement this way, “Our patient community is all about the exchange of information in the form of dispensary reviews and locations, menu availability, and opinionated discussion. Information becomes more powerful with greater reach and this integration will give us the opportunity to serve and share knowledge with a growing number of medical cannabis patients nationwide.”

An updated list of integration partners, with direct links to their respective websites, can be found at http://mjfreeway.com/integration-partners.

About MJ Freeway, LLC:
MJ Freeway is the most popular and trusted provider of business software for the Medical Marijuana industry. Developers of GramTrackerâ„¢ and GrowTrackerâ„¢ - patented inventory control and grow management applications. MJ Freeway delivers cloud-based point of sale systems with patient and financial record management, guaranteed state-specific regulatory compliance and multiple integrations with social networks, testing labs and locators accessible to any MMJ business with a computer and an Internet connection. For more information please visit: http://mjfreeway.com