May 17, 2010

Montana Newspaper Tries to Harm Medical Marijuana Participants

May 17, 2010

As many of you already know, earlier this month, two medical marijuana businesses were firebombed in Billings, Montana. One of my best friends lives over there, and I will never forget his text message talking about how it sent a chilling effect around the whole state. While it seems like the heinous crimes have kept some medical Montanans from speaking out for fear of attack, it sure hasn’t slowed down the number of people seeking medical cards. Just yesterday, a clinic in Billings drew over 300 people.

Regardless of how Montanans feel about medical marijuana, one thing is for sure; it isn’t going away, and the program will continue to grow. I guarantee this will happen, despite the best efforts by the Billings Gazette to bring harm to caretakers in the city. Why do I make this allegation against the Billings Gazette? Because the newspaper published a detailed map of not only every current caretaker in Billings, but also potential caretakers, just two days after the firebombings! What the f#ck?

Let me get this straight Billings Gazette; two very violent acts were committed against legitimate businesses, and rather than make society a safer place, you post a detailed map giving the arsonists more targets? That would be like posting the addresses of wealthy Billings residents in the midst of a string of violent robberies at banks. The Billings Gazette might try to say something like, ‘we were just trying to inform readers about the prevalence of medical marijuana in the city.’ OK, well then why the hell are there pictures of the homes/facilities with detailed addresses? Couldn’t you have said the number of caretakers, describe how uniformly spread out they are around the city, and leave it at that? The only reason to get so detailed with the map is to encourage more violent acts, period.

I am calling for a boycott of the Billings Gazette for their immoral practices. The only reason people should have anything to do with them is to write the Billings Gazette staff, and tell them that society does not want to re-live the failed ‘reefer madness’ strategies of the past. I didn’t post a link to the map in this article because I don’t want to be a part of spreading violent hate. If you want to see it for yourself, it is not hard to find on a Google search, but you won’t find it on my website. To the medical patients and caretakers in Montana — keep your head up, your security at full alert, and your head as clear as possible…there is a lot of discrimination against you in Montana for some reason, and even the media is in on it…BEWARE!!


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