April 5, 2012

Names And Addresses Of Medical Marijuana Growers In DC Announced

April 5, 2012
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Washington DC medical marijuanaDC Department Of Health Announces Medical Marijuana Cultivators

The Department of Health for the District of Columbia announced the names of the applicants that have been approved for licenses to grow medical cannabis in DC. There are six growers in all, and according to Fair Fax News, medical marijuana cultivation ‘could begin production in less than a month.’

“I am thrilled that the District of Columbia is one step closer to having the medical marijuana program available for those patients most in need,” Dr. Akhter, director of the D.C. Dept. of Health, to Fair Fax News. “The selected applicants went through a rigorous process, and I am confident that these applicants are capable of ensuring patient and public safety, as they have met all the criteria defined in the program regulations.”

“This is a major step for patients that could benefit from this program toward finally finding relief. Congress and the D.C. government have been delaying implementation since 1998, and it is good to see that patients will soon have access to their medicine,” Dan Riffle, legislative analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project told Fair Fax News. “The medical marijuana program established in the District is a model of safety and effectiveness. Mayor Vincent Gray should be congratulated for listening to his constituents and serving the seriously ill patients of the District.”

This is a tremendous day for Washington D.C., who has been waiting longer than anyone in the nation to get their voter approved medical marijuana program implemented. But just as much as it’s an exciting day for safe access in DC, it’s equally just as much of a confusing day for the states that have medical marijuana programs that are under attack from the federal government. How this will play out is anyone’s guess, but I smell a federalism showdown brewing. Stay tuned.

To see the company names and address of the medical marijuana growers in Washington DC, click this link.


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