August 1, 2012

National Cannabis Coalition Endorses Tennessee Senator Beverly Marrero

August 1, 2012
beverly marrero tennessee

beverly marrero tennesseeTennessee Senator Beverly Marrero Supports Medical Cannabis Legislation

The National Cannabis Coalition has decided to support Tennessee Senator Beverly Marrero for her support of medical cannabis legislation in the Tennessee Legislature. Despite the long odds of legalizing medical cannabis in one of the more conservative states in the United States, it is important that the issue is raised and politicians in such states demonstrate courage when they stand up for common sense medical cannabis legislation. Through our parent division, the American Victory Coalition, we made a $250 donation directly to Beverly Marrero, the biggest direct contribution allowed for political non-profits under Tennessee law at this time. A campaign aide thanked us when we let the campaign know about our desire to make a donation, stating, “She is in a close race and all contributions help.”

Please consider making a donation to the National Cannabis Coalition as we support good candidates and causes across the country. We are proud to have helped the successful campaigns of Ellen Rosenblum in Oregon and Beto O’Rourke in Texas and are hopeful that the cannabis law reform community can help Beverly achieve another important victory for our community in Tennessee.

The recent medical bill co-sponsored by Ms. Marrero generated headlines and great press for the medical cannabis movement as Constance Gee, ex-wife of former Vanderbilt University Chancellor Gordon Gee and current president of Ohio State University, testified in favor of the bill. Ms. Gee spoke about how cannabis helped alleviate her severe nausea caused by an inner-ear disease.

First and foremost, Beverly stands up for medical cannabis as a compassionate health issue and she even has a personal stake in the issue, as her son-in-law benefitted from its use while suffering through chemo and radiation treatment for his cancer. Secondly, she understands the economic benefits of legalizing cannabis for her state, estimated to be upwards towards $34 million a year in additional revenue for Tennessee. “I think it’s a good thing for the economy of Tennessee to not have our medical patients have to go to other surrounding states in order to be able to get some relief and still be legal,” the Memphis Democrat is quoted by

Beverly is in a tough primary race that will be determined on August 2nd. Her district has been redistricted so that she and another incumbent Democrat, Jim Kyle, will face off for the Democratic nomination. We have nothing personal against Mr. Kyle, we merely support Ms. Marrero because she has demonstrated true courage by sponsoring medical cannabis legislation. It should be noted that Congressman Steve Cohen has endorsed Beverly as well. Mr. Cohen created headlines and garnered support throughout the drug law reform community with his brilliant takedown of then-FBI chief Robert Mueller as Rep. Cohen forcefully broke down the folly of cannabis prohibition, particularly the debunked gateway theory.

Beverly rightly voted against a gay marriage ban, not wanting to add discrimination into her state’s constitution.

We urge all cannabis law reform supporters to support Beverly Marrero and help spread the word about her candidacy as her primary battle draws to a close. You can learn more about her candidacy at You can make a direct contribution to her campaign here.

Published with special permission from the National Cannabis Coalition


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