October 5, 2012

Natural Medicine For The Natural State

October 5, 2012
Arkansas medical marijuana

Arkansas medical marijuanaVote Yes On Issue #5 – The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act

Marijuana is a medicinal plant with dozens of peer-reviewed studies demonstrating its many uses. It is non-toxic, non-addictive, and works when all other medicines fail. Marijuana may be ingested via pills, ointments, tinctures, edible foods, and via vaporization or smoking.

Patients suffering with HIV/AIDS, PTSD, cancer and chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and other illnesses find that marijuana relieves their symptoms—sometimes when nothing else will. Marijuana’s medical applications include:

  • Relief from nausea & appetite loss
  • Alleviate stress related to PTSD
  • Reduction of muscle spasms
  • Relief from chronic pain

Learn what physicians think about medical marijuana.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act

For thousands of chronically-ill Arkansans, the pain and nausea relief afforded by marijuana helps them live comfortably without harmful side effects. But marijuana is currently unregulated and not legally available. Arkansans for Compassionate Care offers a better choice. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act will provide controlled access to a medicine that is proven to be safe and effective, especially in relieving the debilitating effects of chronic illness and harsh medical treatments.

daniel hankins medical marijuana arkansasDaniel Hankins. Disabled Airforce vet, loving father.

Born and raised in Star City, Daniel’s spine was crushed by a bomb during Desert Storm. Against all odds, Daniel regained his ability to walk, but today that skill is threatened again as numbness creeps into his lower extremities. Daniel also suffers from Post-Tramautic Stress Disorder, Superior and Posterior Canal Dehiscence, insomnia, migraines, and a missing hip tendon that forces him in for constant realignments. Marijuana could safely relieve many of Daniel’s symptoms, replacing the many toxic painkillers that have done this hero’s already broken body more harm than good. Tell your patient story.

emily williams medical marijuana arkansasEmily Williams. Lymphoma survivor, avid bloodhound enthusiast.

Emily Williams is an active mother, spouse and bloodhound enthusiast who was stricken with lymphoma in 2010. After five rounds of chemotherapy, she was unable to eat, drink or take her other medicines. Doctors tried every type of anti-nausea agent—IV, patch, pill—nothing worked. After weeks without food or sleep she was desperate and finally tried marijuana. “Within ten minutes my headache was gone…the nausea was totally gone…it allowed me to live a normal life,” she said. Read Emily’s story.

Vote YES on 5! The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act.

The AMMA is a comprehensive blueprint for establishing and regulating a medical marijuana program in Arkansas. Overseen by the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), it provides for 30 non-profit dispensaries across the state to treat 15 chronic disorders. Counties and cities will be able to ban dispensaries in the same manner as alcohol. Patients must first obtain a written recommendation from an Arkansas physician and then obtain a license from the Department of Health before being able to purchase medicine. Read the entire text of the initiative.


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