June 16, 2016

Nevada Dispensary Association Comments On Same-Day Approval Of Patient Cards

June 16, 2016
Nevada medical Marijuana dispensaries

Nevada medical Marijuana dispensariesThe Division of Public and Behavioral Health’s first medical marijuana patient card application office, located at 2300 West Sahara Avenue in Suite 800, opens today. The office, a boon for Nevada’s medical marijuana patients, will provide a convenient point of access to local patients, who stand to benefit from this dedicated service. Southern Nevada medical marijuana patients are now able to receive a patient card on the same day they submit the application to the Las Vegas Patient Office.

In a public-private partnership between the Nevada Dispensary Association and DPBH, the State is now serving Southern Nevada patients by allowing them to receive same-day approval of their medical marijuana application. The industry has worked closely with DPBH to support and set up the Las Vegas Patient Office. Dispensaries will continue to aid in the success of the office by pre-reviewing patient applications to be sure that they are complete and accurate.

Some of the dispensaries helping patients by pre-reviewing their applications include Inyo Fine Cannabis, Essence, Euphoria Wellness, Medizin, The Grove, Oasis Medical Cannabis, Deep Roots and others. For a complete list please, contact Nevada Dispensary Association Executive Director, Riana Durrett.

Senator Patricia Farley commended the application office opening, noting: “Removing barriers to simple, efficient access to medical marijuana patient cards for our state’s patients is an encouraging sign of growth in Nevada. I am impressed at the efforts the Nevada Dispensary Association and the Division have expended toward reaching the common goal of serving Nevada’s patients.”

Nevada Dispensary Association Executive Director, Riana Durrett, also celebrated the opening.
“This unprecedented cooperation between the Division of Public and Behavioral Health and the medical marijuana industry is an encouraging step towards a healthy, thriving industry in Nevada. We appreciate the State’s diligent efforts.”


Source: Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Nevada Dispensary Association is dedicated to developing and promoting best practices among Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries as well as supporting the efforts of dispensary owners to provide high quality, safe medical marijuana to Nevada’s patients. For more information, visit www.nvdispense.com or contact Natalie Symes at [email protected].


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