New Approach Missouri Files Medical Marijuana Initiatives For 2016 Election


I have followed Missouri marijuana politics quite a bit since 2012. I have long pointed to Missouri as a state that is ripe for reform, even if it's not one of the first states that you think of when you think of who's next to legalize recreational and/or medical marijuana. Recreational marijuana may be a tough sell to Missouri voters right now, but I think that medical marijuana would pass with flying colors if it were ever on the ballot in Missouri. If New Approach Missouri has its way, Missouri voters will get a chance to do exactly that on Election Day 2016, as the campaign filed two medical marijuana initiatives today. Per The Columbia Daily Tribune:

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The group filed two versions of a medical marijuana initiative at the secretary of state's office, both amending the state constitution to make access to legal marijuana a right. After a review period, signature gatherers will begin seeking more than 160,000 signatures to put it on the November 2016 ballot.

The measure would allow doctors to issue certification to purchase medical marijuana to patients with cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV-AIDS and several other severe illnesses. The proposal would impose a 6 percent tax on medical marijuana sales in addition to the existing sales taxes. The new revenue would be dedicated to veterans' health care.

Doctors would be responsible for making sure patients are not using the law to avoid penalties for recreational use, said Viets.

As I have said many times, a victory in Missouri would be a victory for every other state that is fighting to legalize medical marijuana. Missouri is a very conservative state, and if MO can do it, I can't think of too many other states that would be considered 'off limits' to reform after a victory there. If you live in Missouri, now is the time to get active. As far as I can tell, New Approach Missouri doesn't have a website yet, so I'd urge people to contact Show-Me Cannabis in the meantime to see how you can help!