New California Attorney General Speaks About Medical Marijuana


California Attorney General Speaks About Medical Marijuana

Happy New Year TWB readers! We have been slackin’ a little due to the holidays, but believe that we will be doing it big in 2011. Here is a very important video to watch that was sent to me by San Diego’s ASA Chapter. California leads the way on the MJ scene, and anything this lady says should be closely monitored as a result. I live in Oregon, and I know firsthand that despite the fact that there is a LOT of nuggage here in Oregon, the California industry ebb and flows affect everything up here:

Kamala Harris made her first statement about her position on medical marijuana in California since being elected the new California Attorney General. Eugene Davidovich, Marcus Boyd, and Terrie Best of San Diego Americans for Safe Access in this News Brief discuss and debate Kamala Harris’ position on medical marijuana.