September 15, 2012

New Medical Marijuana Growing Ordinance In Nevada County

September 15, 2012
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outdoor marijuana gardenNew Rules For Medical Marijuana Growers In Nevada County

The new cannabis crackdown in Nevada County that started a few months back, has been rolled out in a new and novel way. This is not the type of black-hearted thuggery that the MMJ community has seen in the past, where police shoot first, and ask questions later. Such scenarios have left in their wake dead dogs and shattered families, horrified and crouching in the corner trying to figure out what just happened.

No this is a new gentler, softer type of crackdown. One with a new dedicated team of deputies is going door-to-door to make sure medical marijuana growers are following the law. These new change came after hundreds of complaints from concerned neighbors. Complaining about the smell of pot wafting through the neighborhood the neighbors live in fear of drug violence as pot crazed thieves jump fences and yards in an attempt to get at the green gold.

Here are just a few steps that the Nevada County sheriff’s department are taking to stem the tide of massive grow operations and the conflicts they cause between neighbors:

Nevada County supervisors passed a set of controversial new rules last May. The new rules are meant to set guidelines by which a California prop 215 can cultivate their garden. Patients will now have strict limits on a number of cultivation variables, including the size of the medical marijuana garden and the distance from any neighboring homes. Under the new ordinance densely populated backyard grows, which are poorly secured and to close to their neighboring homes are the types of homegrown marijuana operations their looking to crack down on.

While some people claim that having a marijuana grower as a neighbor might be considered a nuisance, with that “stinky smell of skunk” during harvest time. Others, particularly in agricultural counties view it as just another crop. That being said, this ordinance is here to weed out those marijuana cultivators which “offend” their neighbors.

The sheriff’s department has stated that they will investigate every report called into their office and if someone is found to be in violation, they will be given five days to come into compliance with the new ordinance or face fines, and the even scarier possibility of losing all of their much-needed medical marijuana.

Along with size and fencing restrictions, medical marijuana grow operations cannot be within 1000 feet of a school bus stop, and no patients will be allowed to maintain both an outside garden and an inside cultivation room at the same time.



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